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CCD 0030R - 0036T

Chilled Water Cooling Door unit
26,6 – 39,1 kW

The CCD unit is the most innovative and efficient system for managing Hot spots inside data centers, in other words, HIGH DENSITY racks up to and over 40 kW/m2 per rack. The Cooling door unit is housed at the rear of the rack and is managed by a DYNAMIC system, especially designed to handle the rack exhaust air, which SELF-ADAPTS to rack requirements. MAIN CARATTERISTICS – New generationEC fans – 42U / 48U racks adapdability – Can be supplied with with rack – Dinamic control of Air stratification – Configuration R (N+1) and T – Integration into DUAL CIRCUIT, FREECOOLING + BACK UP system – Dehumidification Less Management WORKING MODE The CCD unit is to be considered both as a stand alone cooling unit for the exhaust air of the single rack in the small data center as a system for managing Hot spots in large data center for integration of hot and cold aisle or compartization structures. While the cooling of RACK is delegated to the perimetral conditioning units that provide cold air 18-20 ° C in the cold aisle, the cooling door CCD handles rack at higher thermal load (called HOT SPOTS) generally due to the use of modern blade servers.