Tate | Data Center Solutions

Raised Access Floors

The perfect data centre environment requires the ability to handle a large number of data cables, the ability to efficiently handle high heat loads that are variable and diverse, and the ability to adapt for future technological and cooling advancements. Tate’s system addresses all of these needs in a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost- effective in both construction and operation. With Tate’s raised access flooring solutions, you’ll be able to address all of the demands of a data centre while meeting the everyday needs of its users in a secure and reliable environment.

Airflow Panels

Tate Airflow has a full line of directional and vertical airflow panels to cater to all your data centre cooling needs. Our range of cost-effective and energy-efficient airflow panels offer compelling returns on investment and lower operating costs in both new build and retrofit applications.

Airflow Controls

Delivering the right amount of airflow to the right place is a key component of an energy efficient data centre. Tate had developed a wide range of automatic and manual dampers which adjust cooling to match variable heat loads. All of our dampers significantly reduce bypass air and improves PUE. Tate Airflow Controls can be used in both retrofit and new build applications.

Corner Lock

Provides self-engagement & positioning of floor panels

Bolted Stringer

Provides lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads & seismic loading

UFAD Clip On

Gasket engages with stringer & panel to form an underfloor air diatribution air seal

UFAD Bolted Stringer

Continuous gasket ensures for air-tight seal for underfloor air distribution

Heavy Duty Bolted Stringer

Designed for Composite Board & Exposed Concrete Systems

Structural Ceilings

Structural ceilings are the ideal solution for any data centre application where large heavy items need to be suspended within a building. Replacing custom-built on-site structural systems, such as Unistrut, with a Tate structural ceiling allows you to design and specify a support solution that is less expensive and faster to install.


Containing an entire row of air can improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow. The Separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air is one of the most popular strategies in data centre design. Tate’s ContainAire product line is the optimum aisle containment solution. Easy to install and modify, our products offer valuable energy savings opportunities. Optimize your data centre facility today by installing ContainAire.


Grommets are designed to virtually eliminate bypass airflow (air which is delivered into the data centre and not consumed by the equipment and exhausted as waste heat), increase capacity, enable higher density, and dramatically lower energy consumption. We offer an entire range of grommets from raised floor to rack to aisle level. Existing facilities and data centre expansions will likewise benefit from the superior sealing ability of our gromments