Tate | Office Commercial Solutions

Raised Access Floors

Tate’s raised access floors and underfloor service distribution systems give you the ability to address all of the factors required to create the perfect indoor environment that will reflect the goals and image of your organization.

Architectural Finishes

Capture your building’s signature style with Tate’s high-end architectural finishes while maintaining the sustainability, high-performance and long-term return on investment advantages associated with a flexible and adaptive raised access floor.

All Steel Access Floor System

  • The safe working load or design load for the panels are equal to the concentrated load\
  • Zinc whisker free
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity
  • Full range of factory applied finishes
  • Completely non-combustible
  • Interchangeable with ConCore and airflow panels
  • Available in 3 panel grades
  • Available in 24″ and 60cm sizes

Corner Lock

Provides self-engagement & positioning of floor panels

Bolted Stringer

Provides lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads & seismic loading

UFAD Clip On

Gasket engages with stringer & panel to form an underfloor air diatribution air seal

UFAD Bolted Stringer

Continuous gasket ensures for air-tight seal for underfloor air distribution

Heavy Duty Bolted Stringer

Designed for Composite Board & Exposed Concrete Systems