Climaveneta | IT Cooling | Chilled Water Rack Cooler

CRCC 0020 - 0060

Chilled Water Rack Cooler unit
16,1 – 74,7 kW

The indoor vertical air conditioning units CLIMAVENETA RACK COOLER is an effective management system of the Hot Spots in the data center, ensuring low energy consumption and usage possibilities even under extremely high loads for HIGH DENSITY rack ´up and over 40 kW/m2 rack. In hydronic version where the cooling is ensured by the use of an external chiller. The use of EC fan systems, featuring last-generation electronic-switching brushless motors, assures excellent performance and low consumption. Available as standard with the dynamic management of N +1 EC fans to optimize consumption and redundancy of the cooling system. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION These individual units to be positioned between the racks in the row so as to act locally in order to dissipate the load of servers. In InRow versions (CCRC-I) by treating the air is sucked in the back of the unit directly from hot aisle of data center (35 ° C) with significant benefits from the point of view of energy efficiency and cooling capacity, to be cooled and sent on the cold aisle (18-20 ° C) that is in front of the racks where it is sucked by the same. In Enclosure versions (CCRC-E) servers and conditioner are hermetically housed within the same Rack closed structure thus avoiding phenomena of mixing air with the outside, with obvious loss of efficiency in the conditioning. The air is sucked directly into the rack from the back closed directly by the servers (46 ° C) and sent from the front once cooled (25-30 ° C) directly to the servers with considerable savings of energy due to the smaller amount treated air.