Climaveneta | IT Cooling | Dry Cooler

BDC 008m - 210m

Dry Cooler with AC axial fans
7,50 – 210 kW

i-BDC 013m - 210m

Dry Cooler with EC axial fans
14,0 – 210 kW

Dry Cooler with axial-type fan(s) for outdoor installation. Installation may be vertical with a horizontal air outflow or, using special brackets, horizontal with an upward air outflow. The very low noise, adjustable-speed fans are excellent for use in both technological and civil applications. BDC units operate with a single-phase 230V/1ph/50Hz and 400V/3ph/50Hz (only for BDC 190m-210m & i-BDC 190m-210m) power supply totally independent and separate from the indoor unit ACCURATE. These units are therefore also suited for use without being directly connected to indoor units. These units are not provided with integrated fans speed regulator per standard. However, CLIMAVENETA can provide such fans speed regulator as OPTIONAL, by installing it directly inside the indoor unit ACCURATE.