Tripp Lite| Cooling

Active Cooling

Active cooling uses chilled, forced air (air conditioning) to bring down the temperature in an entire room or in specific hot spots.

  • Perimeter and/or raised-floor systems will cool down an entire room, but in high-density data centers or large rooms, this can be a costly and inefficient means of data center cooling
  • Close-coupled cooling is much more efficient because it focuses cooling where it’s needed most; this method employs self-contained air conditioners, portable air conditioners, row-based air conditioners and rack-mount air conditioners to target hot spots or specific pieces of hot-running equipment

SmartRack 33,000 BTU 200-240V

Energy-Saving, Row-Based Air Conditioning Unit with Hardwire Input

  • 33,000 BTU (9.7kW) of cooling power with 1/3 less power consumption
  • Variable-speed, DC-inverter-driven compressor and microprocessor-controlled electronic expansion valve (EEV) enable precision cooling adjustments–no more wasteful, noisy cycling between off and full blast
  • Soft-start feature limits inrush current to prevent introduction of line noise, voltage disruptions and potential circuit overloads
  • Self-contained, zero-maintenance unit re-humidifies condensate and expels it through the exhaust air stream–no floor drain, water collection tank, external condenser, refrigerant piping, duct work or plumbing required
  • Hardwire Input (User-supplied IEC 309 32-amp set, optional) – no electrician needed
  • 200-240V AC Input, 50/60 Hz frequency compatibility