Tripp Lite | Power Inverters

Power Inverter/Chargers

Inverter/chargers use batteries to give you reliable backup power for generators and other AC power sources in areas where utility power is unreliable or unavailable.

  • Use to power electrical equipment in RVs, cars, work trucks and boats
  • Can be used to protect your home during a power outage by providing emergency backup power to essential equipment such as freezers, sump pumps or medical devices
  • Select models feature auto-transfer switching for uninterrupted operation

Heavy-Duty Power Inverters

A heavy-duty inverter delivers extended peak output of AC current for power tools and work site equipment that requires more startup power.

  • Clean, reliable alternative to a portable generator…no gasoline required to run
  • Built-in safety features prevent equipment overload
  • Select models feature GFCI outlets for safe operation in wet or humid environments