Tripp Lite| UPS

Line-Interactive UPS Systems

A line-interactive UPS provides automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to keep equipment working through low-voltage (brownouts) and high-voltage conditions without draining battery power.

  • Available with capacities ranging from 300VA to 5kVA
  • Select models include switched outlet banks that can be controlled independently, connectors that accept optional external battery packs for extended runtime and an accessory card slot for an SNMP card to enable remote monitoring and control

SmartOnline 100kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System, On-line Double-Conversion International UPS

  • 100kVA / 100,000VA / 80,000W on-line double-conversion 3 phase UPS
  • 3 phase 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V 4-wire + ground wye input & output
  • Scalable design grows as your datacenter grows
  • Modular N+1 redundant architecture helps assure 100% availability
  • Parallel up to 4 UPS systems for redundancy or increased capacity
  • IGBT & DSP technology produce <4% input harmonic distiortion (THDi)
  • Hot swappable power modules, Expandable runtimesdfsdfsd